The Art of Abseiling in Wilderness, South Africa

woman abseiling in wilderness

Also referred to and used interchangeably with the term “rappel” abseiling comes from a German word meaning “to rope down” which is the controlled descent from a vertical drop, usually a rock face, using a series of ropes. Often used by climbers, this technique is handy when a slope makes it difficult or too dangerous […]

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Visit South Africa During the Knysna Oyster Festival!

the knysna oster festival

The Knysna Oyster Festival 2015 from 3 to 12 July Oyster festivals are held worldwide for a variety of reasons, most dating back historically due to the premium time of the year for these delicious shelled delicacies. These festivals vary greatly by location as each offers their own particular spin on the occasion by bringing […]

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Travel Tips – Habits You Can Make Right Now

packing for holiday

In the last post we described things you can stop doing before you even go, ways that you can prepare for a trip full of adventure and fun without the worries typified by most journeys away from home. While long term habits are hard to make unless you’re doing them on a daily basis (and […]

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Travel Habits To Stop Right Now

taking photos on holiday

If we know that it takes 21 days to make a habit stick, so it’s not just something you’re doing daily but something you are compelled to continue, we’ve probably been paying too much attention to travel “buzz” sites. The people directly involved in habit formation, scientists and scholars suggest that forming a habit can […]

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Spending Time in Wilderness

japan therapy trail

Too often we’re stuck in front of a small electronic screen of some variety either in our work or personal lives. We go home only to sit in front of yet another electronic screen, our television. Though it seems like relaxing to sit and watch TV, it is actually worse for us in terms of […]

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Wilderness National Park – Wild Serenity

brown hooded king fisher hike

Roughly 1km from Cinnamon House lies Wilderness National Park where visitors can engage in a variety of activities including: Hiking, canoeing, kayaking, biking, abseiling, fishing, birding, paragliding and so much more. This video taken in the park by a visitor to the area, covers just part of what you can expect. People from all over […]

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Life at it’s fullest on the Garden Route

Everyone wants to make their holiday stay the most memorable experience they can imagine, letting loose the monotony and relentless drive of everyday existence and soaking up sunshine. Nowhere is better suited to this than staying along the Garden Route in Wilderness, with pristine white sandy beaches and a seemingly endless stretch of natural beauty. […]

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Wilderness Accomodation – the retreat you cannot beat!

Routine.  This one word inspires nothing great to any imagination, the first thought that comes to mind is one of endless monotony, complete boredom, followed by a futile attempt at resistance, and finally acceptance that routine is just the way of things, and a robotic existence keeps one day flowing to the next.  The trouble […]

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Things to do on the Garden Route

Wilderness on the Garden Route

Where to eat in the Wilderness area: BOOKINGS AT RESTAURANTS ARE ESSENTIAL DURING THE PEAK SEASON What To Do: Some of the nearby activities which are very popular include: Sedgefield farmers and craft market George farmers Market Garden route Mall Eden Adventures: Eden Adventures, located in the heart of the Wilderness National Park, specialises in […]

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