Fly in Near-Total Comfort with These 12 Tips!


Preparing for Wilderness Even if you are only flying to Wilderness from upcountry, these flight tips will really come in handy. The first tip is the easiest one, be sure you book with Cinnamon House in Wilderness as early as possible to ensure you get exactly what you want in luxury and comfort because rooms […]

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Top Tips for Traveling 2016 and Beyond


Everyone remembers their first trip specifically made to go on holiday, and not just a weekend away. It was something long anticipated, and saved for, treasured, perhaps even something we saved photos and brochures for the destination of, because one day we swore we would go there on holiday. When we showed up, all naive […]

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Unparalleled views – Paragliding Wilderness

It’s easy to rent a car or bicycle and to decide to drive or ride up the Garden Route to Wilderness, and while the view is ridiculously beautiful, it is the same view from the same perspective. There is nothing like going up high to see the incredible beauty that is the entirety of Wilderness […]

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Springtime Flowers and Sunshine!

South Africa remains a top tourist destination for so many reasons.  It is budget friendly, the weather is incredible almost every month of the year, and there are so many things to see and do that you cannot possibly do them all in one trip.  One of the best times to visit is in the […]

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Game Reserves and the Garden Route

So many people come to South Africa to see the “Big Five” and they end up going inland for it, often traveling quite a distance away from where they landed at the airport to do so. You don’t have to travel far and wide to see these amazing creatures of the wild, they’re right here […]

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The Beauty of Wilderness Matched!

Wilderness South Africa is a place outside of time, a place people go to where life slows down and is a serene place of utter calm and serenity. This means that when you book a room with 5 star Cinnamon House, you’ll be getting quite the treat in August. This is the time of year […]

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Zip Line Through the Trees in Wilderness

zip line wilderness

Wilderness is a place so full of enchanting forested areas and vistas that it’s easy to see why people enjoy coming here for sports activities not found in many other places.  While bungee jumping, sky-diving and paragliding are also found here, zip-lining is something a bit harder to find, and well worth the effort. Here’s […]

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Cinnamon Meets Segway!

We live in an abundance of modernity, and anytime we look for a holiday destination, we crave that aspect of modernity in luxurious surroundings coupled with first class accommodations to match. We seek out the strange and the new, the things we cannot do back home and can only find somewhere else, and historically the […]

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Travel Tips from Cinnamon House For Your Adventure

There is so much planning involved in a perfect holiday yet we always feel as though something has been forgotten. It helps to have a checklist to prepare for a big trip away from home, whether you’re going from one city in your own country, to going somewhere internationally. It helps to make sure nothing […]

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Cinnamon Pairs with… Caves? YES!

cango caves

You might be looking at this headline as being rather dubious, but we assure you that these two things actually do work together in a way that is sure to thrill and comfort. Cinnamon Boutique Guest House has been reviewed as quite the amazing place to stay, decadent in comforts to your heart’s delight and […]

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Explore the Garden Route!

explore wilderness

The N2 highway might just be the most famous roadway in the Western Cape area of South Africa, because there’s so many places along it to visit and see, each offering a kaleidescope of opportunities within each town. It is lush and beautiful with greenery everywhere, wine routes dotted along where you can take in […]

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Keeping Safe in the Sunshine on Holiday

wilderness beach umbrella

South Africa’s beach in Wilderness, along the Garden Route is easily one of the most sought after locations for lovers of the beach and sun. It’s not as busy or crowded, and it feels wide-open, spacious and inviting; a place outside of time. It has views that are unmatched in an environment that is known […]

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Photographing Wilderness – Open Your Shutters!

Wilderness, South Africa is a dream destination for many travelers including bird watchers, hikers, abseilers, beach-goers and kayakers, but at the base of it all, there’s one thing they all share in common. The scenery and the location that drives all these different personalities to a place; which is the call to the avid photographer. […]

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Garden Route Skydiving Adventures!

The term “bucket list” is one that is used worldwide, and it encompasses everything our little human hearts desire to do before we’re no longer of this Earth. While some of us may not call it this, we all have a mental list in our minds of the kinds of things we’ve put off and […]

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Luxurious Winter Offer for Two – Complete with Surprise!

a picture of a couple smiling while enjoying each others company

Visiting a place like Wilderness South Africa needs no herald whatsoever when photos speak a thousand words or more, but here we are doing just that, because this country is so beautiful that it is worth sharing. The people of South Africa have a very long history of opening arms to others in a warm […]

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