Wilderness Accomodation – the retreat you cannot beat!

Wilderness Accomodation – the retreat you cannot beat!

Routine.  This one word inspires nothing great to any imagination, the first thought that comes to mind is one of endless monotony, complete boredom, followed by a futile attempt at resistance, and finally acceptance that routine is just the way of things, and a robotic existence keeps one day flowing to the next.  The trouble is, it’s not exciting, and certainly no fun whatsoever.  Every morning you get up, you work all day doing the same thing you did yesterday, and the day before, only to come home fighting the same traffic, the people blasting horns and yelling at inconsiderate motorists, your mind numb to the day’s events, and wanting only to open the door to your home, your escape from the busy world.  Except you get home and realize it’s no escape at all.  As you set your alarm, you resign yourself to doing this all again tomorrow.

It’s time to get away.  People are not meant to be automatons, performing the same task every day like a machine.  Our minds seek stimulation outside of the norm, to keep us at our peak, and more importantly, happy.  The pursuit of happiness is the real dream of all mankind, but it can be too often lost in the process of routine.  A holiday does not have to be expensive, nor very long to be completely refreshing.  In sharp contrast to the scenario described previously, there are places like wilderness, located along the rolling hillsides of the Garden Route, South Africa.  To say that it is a dichotomy to compare the two would be an understatement.  Wilderness is a place untouched by the busy, competitive environment of the rest of the world, offering green vistas, and places you can hike that make you feel as though you are the only person on the planet right then.  You hear the birds surrounding you, singing sweet songs as the redolent scent of sweet grasses and wild flowers surrounds you.

Finding peace is not expensive.  South Africa is a popular destination, and it is so large that the area has something for everyone looking for the perfect holiday.  Few places however, offer the opportunity to truly get away from mankind, and to embrace nature’s true beauty quite like Wilderness and it’s surrounding areas.  South Africa has the benefit of being very easy on finances due to the conversion rate of currency, so you get a rare opportunity to get an abundance of luxury and scenery for so small an investment. You won’t even have to look at your bank book while you are visiting, because you will find yourself able to enjoy everything without having to economise and cut out things you will certainly enjoy.

While the idea of caravanning in Wilderness does have it’s appeal, cooking over a camp stove and sleeping on the ground is just not for everyone.  We want to feel pampered and wrapped in comfort, we want to be surrounded by the big open world, by the birds and animals, the streams snaking through the emerald hillsides, but we also want our fluffy pillows and gilded furnishings.  Can we have both?  Sure we can!  Consider a Wilderness bed and breakfast which will offer you food made exactly as you like it, with warm and considerate hosts that embody the culture of the land you come to visit and offer much more variety to your stay.  You get the chance to be completely alone, except when you want to socialize.  You can try the remarkable South African wines, and meet the people who are like-minded, who are also staying somewhere that promises to rejuvenate the mind and the spirit, before setting out to trek the landscape that stretches before you like something right out of a dream.

Look online for pictures of the area, and keep in mind that pictures simply cannot do proper justice to the place.  Read reviews from people who have stayed there to see through their eyes what the magic of this area can do to transform you. There really is nowhere on Earth better suited than Cinnamon Boutique Guest House which will give you the stay you need at prices that will astound you.  Luxury for less, and surrounded by beauty only offered in this corner of the world, it is heaven uninterrupted.  Enjoy South Africa!

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