Luxurious Winter Offer for Two – Complete with Surprise!

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Luxurious Winter Offer for Two – Complete with Surprise!

Visiting a place like Wilderness South Africa needs no herald whatsoever when photos speak a thousand words or more, but here we are doing just that, because this country is so beautiful that it is worth sharing. The people of South Africa have a very long history of opening arms to others in a warm embrace to share cultures and tastes from all over and to tell stories of all who came before as we sit together. There may be no place quite so stunning as the Garden Route, where Cinnamon Guest House is nestled, among the pristine sands of the Southern African shoreline.

Rated 5 stars by Trip Advisor and has won awards as well as Blue Flag status by the Minister of Tourism, Cinnamon Guest House is the ultimate in comfort and decadence, offering services such as massages, on site gym and pool, satellite television, 13 luxury suites, and sumptuous furnishings. The greatest part of visiting South Africa on holiday however might just be the rate of exchange to the currency of rands. From most countries, the exchange rate is very favorable, ensuring that you are able to stay in an exceedingly high level of style and comfort and never feel you must give something up for your stay – rather you can add to it instead.

Cinnamon Guest House has offered a special to warm the winter even more, by throwing in an even larger benefit to its guests by offering one of their luxury suites for two nights to a couple, PLUS a tandem paragliding trip and a special picnic basket for a romantic trip out in Wilderness perhaps to one of the many bird hides or the walking trails of which there are many, or even out to the beach where there’s plenty of room to get out and away from everyone and be all on your own after gliding down with your sweetheart from the sky. There may be no better evening and weekend spent than curled up next to the one you love, in the beauty of a place like Wilderness, wrapped in the luxury of Cinnamon Guest House to breathe life back into two weary souls.

The rejuvenating winter retreat package is good until 31 October 2015, when winter is officially over in South Africa, so be sure to contact us while it is still active and we’ll be happy to assist you!

While you’re out and about in Wilderness with the one you love, there’s plenty to see and do but if you’re looking for some quiet time together you have certainly come to the right place. There is a small night time market that opens nightly called the Milkwood Evening Market which is just down the Wilderness Sands Road, and you can find all manner of homemade goods from the loving hands of those who live and work here among us. The market sellers here make things like cheese, breads, cured meats like droewors and biltong of varying flavours and all manners of foods that depend on which day you arrive. There are cooking stalls outside as well as dried fruits, as well as arts and crafts where you can pick up keepsakes for people back home. There is everything from shirts, to handbags and hats here, to live music, restaurants, and craft beers.

When you’re looking for an extra bit of good fun, try your hand at horseback riding. Black Horse Trails at the base of the Outeniqua mountain range in Wilderness has the most gorgeous pitch black Friesian horses offered as their trail mounts. They’re naturally gentle, soft-natured and gorgeous beasts who offer a beautiful ride. The company offers everything from one and a half hour rides to 3 hour rides, and “Special occasion rides” where you and your sweetheart will travel to the pine plantations into the indigenous forest into the waterfall for a swim. Could anything be more perfectly romantic? If you’re on holiday for a week this would cap your trip off perfectly no?

The naturally abundant amount of bird life that live in the area you cannot see anywhere else, bold colours and amazing species – make this place an absolute must-see.

Recall that sumptuous picnic basket Cinnamon Guest House provides? It’s perfect to take along to the waterfall or to the Malachite Bird Hide in Wilderness National Park between Wilderness and Sedgefield. It’s a free bird sanctuary along Langvlei lake and is accessible by boardwalk where you can see an amazing array of birds like Purple and Grey Herons, Common Greenshank, Reed and Breasted Cormorants, African Purple Swamphen, African Sacred Ibis, African Fish Eagle, Egyptian Goose, Yellow-billed Duck, African Rail, Little Bittern, Malachite Kingfisher, Little Rush Warbler and many many more. It’s easily a great place to sit with a basket and naught but birdsong to snack with your love among nature.

Wilderness is aptly named, it has beaches for those seeking the sand and the aquamarine oceans, and biking/hiking trails for the intrepid, it has birding and wine tasting, chocolatiers and craft beers, it has live music at night, and festivals, it offers paragliding and parasailing, fine dining and luxury lodging, it has places to set up camp and places to watch for whales, places to sail and places to canoe. To say that Wilderness might just be the best place on Earth might be pretty accurate. Come find out for yourself!

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