Life at it’s fullest on the Garden Route

Life at it’s fullest on the Garden Route

Everyone wants to make their holiday stay the most memorable experience they can imagine, letting loose the monotony and relentless drive of everyday existence and soaking up sunshine. Nowhere is better suited to this than staying along the Garden Route in Wilderness, with pristine white sandy beaches and a seemingly endless stretch of natural beauty. Picking a destination that offers every ounce of creature comforts as well as plenty of places to go and things to do is paramount to any holiday’s ultimate success, and there is a bounty available in Wilderness, ripe for the picking.

The hosts at Cinnamon Guest House prize their guests above all else, and strive to make every moment count from the second of check-in to the fond farewell as they welcome all to a return stay. Offering richly furnished rooms, and posh decadence in every aspect, the guest house is designed to please and situated in the most enviable spot in Wilderness, just minutes away from award winning restaurants and locales that cater to the most discerning patrons.

At the top of the list of culinary delights is The Girls Restaurant Award winner Top 10 Restaurant in the Garden Route for Best Casual Dining. The spirit of Africa is warm and welcoming within the thatched interior, offering everything from arts, crafts and curios to the sound of African music while you enjoy unique and distinct dishes prepared fresh and locally sourced. Specializing in seafood, and with generous wine offerings, this restaurant is sure to please with an abundance of warmth and character that enjoys repeat customers and rave reviews.

Also within minutes away sits Serendipity easily a 5 star plus establishment in every sense of the word. Embodying art, style, and decadent taste, this restaurant is easily one of a kind even were it situated in a much larger locale. Along the banks of the Touw River Lagoon, and adjacent to the Wilderness National Park, this gourmet establishment is headed by executive chef Lizelle Stolze, who has been crowned with numerous awards and qualifications. Luxury in a setting that is both graceful but relaxed is the intent and purpose to this place and it is felt and evident with every bite. Offering a wide selection of European based dishes with an eye toward refining the culinary gems within South Africa, there is something for everyone on the menu.

Wilderness is a place where you are not limited to one kind of food, and one cannot eat seafood, or gourmet offerings every day. Bongos Pizza Lounge  is just the change of pace, perfect for an afternoon and very family friendly. Offering pizzas that are both novel and absolutely delicous, they boast names like the Hannibal, Hooligan and Common Coot. Considered by many to be the best in the area, they’re not limited to just pizzas, with offerings like lasagne and nachos which pair wonderfully with a basic wine list, cocktails or fresh tangy sangria. Complete with a kids bench, colouring activities and a warm fire on chilly nights, Bongo’s is a delightful taste sensation.

South Africa is rich and robust in cultures that hail from every part of the world, and some of the most enjoyed flavours come from a long line of East Indian spices like curries. Rich with authentic tastes, and moments away is the Royal Siam Thai Restaurant offering international flavours in the form of stir-fries, curries, duck, sushi, and mouth watering soups, the Royal Siam opens for lunch and supper under a canopy of massive milkwood trees. Freshly prepared, generously portioned, this taste of Thailand leaves you with a desire for more.

Any featured eateries would not be complete for the area without mentioning the Flava Cafe which earned top spot of the “Best Cafe Style Dining Category” at the CXPRESS Garden Route Culinary Awards 2012. This trendy hub is full of positivity and charming vibes true to the heartbeat of Africa itself. Famous for prawn buckets, pork belly that is so tender it falls apart, and plenty of varieties of gourmet burgers, this little cafe is an ideal place to take children and also caters to the kids with an extensive menu for the smaller appetites. With a full upstairs deck, local micro-brews, various Friday fish specials all locally sourced and free Wi-Fi, this cafe offers a laid back experience rich in joy and abundant in taste.

No outdoor walk to dine would be complete however, without the Milkwood Village Friday Night Market. This charming and much beloved institution is a Friday night anchor. Packed with market sellers offering handmade novelties, cheeses, artisanal breads, cured meats, braai stations, honeys and much more, this place hops with live music and a vibrant atmosphere that is unmatched. Be sure to stop at a vendor for handmade crafts like boldly coloured clothing and keepsakes to take home, while knowing you’re helping to support the local economic development and encouraging social growth and well-being.

While Cinnamon House can ensure your appointments are lush and inviting and your stay is ever-pleasant, Wilderness certainly has filled in every imaginable taste in between. All the tastes of the world, in a location designed to feel made just for you.

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