Fly in Near-Total Comfort with These 12 Tips!


Fly in Near-Total Comfort with These 12 Tips!

Preparing for Wilderness

Even if you are only flying to Wilderness from upcountry, these flight tips will really come in handy. The first tip is the easiest one, be sure you book with Cinnamon House in Wilderness as early as possible to ensure you get exactly what you want in luxury and comfort because rooms do go quickly. Then it’s just time to work on what you’ll do while you’re flying! If you’re coming from an international destination these tips will come in handy even more.

1. Food Matters

When you’re traveling, what you eat really matters quite a lot. Try to include a small amount of carb-rich foods like noodles or bread, even oatmeal because they induce insulin secretion which can help avoid jet lag. *Be sure you do this while on the plane only, too many carbs are also not a good thing*.

2. Snacks

Definitely be sure to pack snacks for your flight, like anything containing peanut butter or other forms of protein, cheese and yogurt or a protein bar. These snacks will help keep you feeling full longer between flight meals, so you won’t be ravenous wherever you land, ready to eat anything at all.

3. Swelling Issues

You are going to swell up a bit while in the air, everyone does to a lesser or greater degree, and that can cause discomfort enough on its own. Don’t make it worse by eating a ton of food while flying, or by eating a lot of food before you board. It is harder for you to digest when you’re up that high, the human body (even with pressure equalization) is not meant to function well at that altitude, so try and eat snacks only, not full meals in the air. Airplane food is small portions on purpose.

4. Special Meals

Often your flight will offer a selection of special meals when you make your booking. These vary by airline, but some offer Kosher varieties, vegetarian, low sodium or no lactose. These meals, should you be fine with those options, are usually served before everyone else, which means you’ll eat first and be back to your movie or needed rest first also.

5. Water!

This cannot be stressed enough. Drink a ton of water while you are flying even if you’re not thirsty. Bring along your own water bottle that is refillable, you’ll thank yourself for it. This may mean more trips to the lavatories, but there are some great points to be made about that. When you get up from your set, you reinvigorate the blood circulation and it helps prevent blood clots from forming as you travel, and swell up while in the air. It also serves to stretch tight muscles from being stuck in one position the entire time. Getting up, particularly to use the restroom also aids in the avoidance of urinary tract infections, which are common after long flights where people just hold it in.

6. Aisle Please!

Choose an aisle seat unless you can afford to buy out your entire row of seats. If you can do that however, you’re likely up in business class or first class anyway… but if you’re the frugal type, and you’ve gone economy, you’re likely stuck with the one seat you have so you’d better sit somewhere convenient. For all the reasons listed above this, you need to be able to get up from your seat easily. If you are by the window, you’ll only get to see out of it during takeoff and landing when they make you raise it. If you’re planning on sleeping, then it’ll be shut anyway, and the comfort you can gain by sleeping sitting up next to a tiny porthole window is not actually that comfortable anyway. The middle is just out, period – unless you have booked last minute and can’t get anything else, there is no reason anyone wants to be in the middle of a stranger sandwich.

7. No Coffee

This one is pretty terrible, but it’s a great tip at least while you’re flying. Caffeine serves only to dry you out, and since you’ll be dehydrated anyway from the cabin air, you definitely don’t want to make it worse. It will also make you irritable and jumpy, and when you’re pasted to the side of the person next to you, and either too hot, or too cold as it is, you probably don’t want to make that worse. The coffee is pretty bad anyway in flavor, and not worth drinking to begin with so you are not missing a thing.

8. Green Tea is an Option?

Most flights have green tea available as well as black tea. Green tea helps to keep away jet lag, and is a tastier alternative to hot coffee a’la jet plane. Green tea can help you to digest your plane food, to calm an upset stomach, help you to feel more relaxed and calm, and is linked to many other health benefits as well.

9. While We’re On Drinks…

No alcohol either. If you absolutely must, then limit it because drinking too much leads to dehydration, which is the same reason you shouldn’t have coffee in the air. Aside from making you potentially sick while flying (it is distinctly unpleasant), it can also make jet lag worse.

10. Layer Up.

Dress wearing layers so you can take off what you don’t need if the temperature gets too hot, and add what you need if it drops too low for you. Cabin temperatures in an airplane vary by a LOT. You may also have a seatmate who wants their air vent blasting at them, which inadvertently hits you as well. This will help you maintain a perfect body temperature at all times. They can also double as a lower back support by rolling up your layer you’ve removed.

11. Earplugs

Earplugs and noise cancelling headphones will save you a lot of stress and damage from sounds at high decibels while flying. These sounds can raise your body to the fight or flight response without you even realizing it. This stress takes a toll over a long period and can make you irritable or angry, and something simple is able to alleviate it. Headphones allow you to pick the music you want to hear, and earplugs blocks most of it entirely but either way you’re bound to rest better.

12. Seated Exercise

Be sure you keep moving if you’re seated for a long period. It will help you avoid pain from sitting, as well as blood clots which can form. You can do calf-raises, neck rolls, shoulder rolls, and foot rotations for four minutes every hour you’re flying. You’ll feel much better when you land.

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